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Men of War

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Genre : strategy
Characteristics : World War II, RTS
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Check for free if your PC meets the minimum system requirements of Men of War and if you can run it.
These are the minimum game requirements published by developer:
Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
Video card GeForce 5900 / Radeon 9600
RAM 1024 MB (2 GB - Vista/7/8)
DirectX 9.0c
OS Windows XP
Free space 7 GB
Are you curious if you can run the game? :)
Check if you can run
Men of War

Do you want to know if your PC meets minimum system requirements of Men of War? Maybe you want to check if your PC meets its recommended requirements? You don't want to wait for game's demos, download them, and anything else apart from game? Maybe you're going to buy this game and you want to know, before purchase, if you can run it.

The game is not released yet, and the day of premiere is pretty far? And you probably want to know if can run long-awaited game? Do you want to know which components of your PC are too weak to run Men of War? You do not have the expertise, and you think that would be great if "I choose a game, you do the rest"? You want all these stuff for free and with quick results? There you go, your PC will be analyzed and you will get the results right away.

How it works?

When the user selects the game, Java applet collects the necessary data, that apply to your computer e.g. information about processor, video card, RAM memory etc. Then your PC will be compared to minimum, possibly recommended, requirements of Men of War. So as to present to you results of analysis in a transparent manner. Apart from getting answer for basic question : can I run Men of War? You will be informed what possibly cause problems e.g. too weak graphics card. What's more if your video card meets minimum requirements of the game, but is not enough efficient - you will get to know about that fluidity gaming may be achieved only on minimal parameters. Moreover, you will be informed if processor is not effecient enough to not limit graphics card.

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